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Game 6 Art specializes in creating “ballprints” — unique lithograph-style images printed directly onto the leather surface of a baseball. This technique allows me to create a crossover of memento and artifact — each piece of art is made from a baseball that's lived a full life on the field and been carefully restored by hand.

Images are printed directly onto the ball's surface, creating a sturdy bond so it becomes one with the leather.

Each print has an individual marking indicating its series and number.

The text on the ballprint frame is completely customizeable - display any message you'd like.

I prefer printing on used baseballs because its history lives right on its surface - every hit, bounce, and scuff of dirt becomes part of the image. The time and effort taken to maintain and accentuate the unique legacy of each ball makes every print truly one of a kind. Below you'll find the series I'm currently printing and how you can order one for yourself or your favorite baseball fan.

Available Ballprints

Stadium Series

Each stadium series print features a photograph I've taken in my travels as a baseball fan. I enjoy photographing stadiums because each one is filled with the character of its team, fans and city. There's a challenge in finding the best angle and composition that captures that character, but it has become my favorite part of visiting new stadiums.

Dodger Stadium

Series 1

This print features the grand view of Dodger Stadium from just outside of left field. Dodger Stadium is undeniably LA - with a decidedly vintage look and palm trees bordering the skyline it's the perfect setting for a cool California evening baseball game.

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Angel Stadium

Series 1

This print features some of the park's beautiful features, like the waterfall in centerfield and the giant, halo-topped "A" visible over right field, a relic from 1966 when the original stadium was constructed.

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AT&T Park

Series 1

AT&T Park has quickly become one of the most beloved parks in baseball, and its handsome architecture is a perfect match for the beautiful Bay Bridge that makes its backdrop. This print features the view from McCovey Cove.

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Fenway Park

Series 1

This print features Fenway Park from the center field bleachers. The historic stadium is the oldest ballpark still in use, and this panoramic view features some of it's most famous landmarks, like Pesky's Pole and the Green Monster.

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Yankee Stadium

Series 1

The newly built Yankee Stadium stadium carries on the legacy of it's historic predecessor, "The House that Ruth Built". This print features a view of the stadium's grandiose presence outside of Gate 4.

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Coming Soon

Oakland Coliseum

Petco Park

Don't see your stadium?

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Custom Artwork

Give a truly unique, one-of-a-kind baseball gift to your favorite fan! Game 6 Art ballprints are unique lithograph-style images printed directly onto the leather surface of a baseball. Submit any image you like — whether it’s you and a loved one at a game, your favorite player, or your favorite stadium, we’ll turn it into a timeless gift that will be sure to surprise.

When you order a custom ballprint, we’ll include a a three-lined custom message printed right on the front mounting panel at no additional charge. For example:

“Dad and Jack's First Baseball Game"
April 1, 2018
Dodger Stadium

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